Pyro City began as a small 6’ x 10’ fireworks stand in a small town in Southeastern Kansas. Over 30 years have passed from that first summer 2 brothers gave selling fireworks a try. After a successful season they had found their passion. That passion for fireworks has made Pyro City what it is today.

Our job is to make your party or celebration fun and memorable…who could ask for a better job than that! The Pyro City philosophy is simple: hire the best employees, teach them about the fireworks, and make the customer happy! Our goal is that once you shop at Pyro City you’ll never want to go anywhere else. We work hard to keep our prices low and our quality high. There’s nothing worse than buying some fireworks for your big get together and then you light them off and are disappointed. That doesn’t happen at Pyro City. We meet with the factories in China, pick the best items they have then directly import them for our stores. Along the way the item is tested multiple times to make sure 1) it is safe for the consumer and 2) the quality is the same as when we selected it from the factory. Then we shoot the fireworks off for our employees so they can see the booms and bangs for themselves!