Ear-Tronics manufactures its own line of hearing aids on-site in its Fort Myers facility. Because Ear-Tronics manufactures its own hearing aids, they can expedite repairs more rapidly, mostly within an hour compared to the 10 day wait from our competitors. Affordable 4 and 5 year leasing programs are available, which includes free batteries, repairs (parts + labor), adjustments, and loss/damage insurance. Most importantly, Ear-Tronics Hearing Health Care Centers have a caring, dedicated staff of 15 trained professionals who are ready to serve you whenever the need arises.

Dr. Hooper and his associates at Ear-Tronics Hearing Health Care Centers have offered help for over 35 years in Southwest Florida. University trained, Board Certified Audiologists personally conduct all hearing tests, make specific recommendations for your hearing aid(s), and closely monitor your progress thereafter.

Our mission is to provide uncompromising standards of diagnostic hearing assessment, hearing aids, and rehabilitative services to children and adults.